While each situation and project can follow a different variant, the presented formula is generally similar. This should give an idea of what to expect in terms of how it works and what comes next.


How It Works


After our initial form of contact, we will arrange some time for a quick call / discussion to try and establish the basics of what we are going to build. (The general whos, whats, wheres, and whys to provide the most accurate plan and estimate as possible.)


With the basic information gathered, we will then do some research and propose a solution tailored to the specific goals of the project. Additionally, we will provide as close of a cost estimate as possible, based on the criteria set forth.


Once the proposal and cost have been mutually accepted, we will put it all in writing, along with some general terms and conditions to be reviewed and agreed to.


With signed agreement and initial deposit in hand, we will then begin the more detailed investigation concerning the specifics of the project. (Establishing goals, objectives, preferences, materials, etc…in order to design something that most accurately helps achieve them.)


Armed with a better understanding of the projects goals and objectives, we will then begin the design process. After some extensive research, brainstorming, and some “creative magic”, we will design flat mock-ups to be submitted for review and approval sign-off.


Now that the design is in place, we then start with XHTML/CSS breakouts, and then move into any more advanced “back-end” programming (PHP, .NET, WordPress, etc…) tasks as dictated by the project. These will take place on local filament72 servers to build out the proper areas and functionality for preliminary testing.


At this point, the design and development are mostly complete, and in most cases, the project will be moved to a staging area less visible to the general public. This will allow a “real life” testing area to make sure everything works properly and gets populated with the intended initial content before making “live”.


Upon staging development completion, overall acceptance, and all agreement terms are met, the “sparkling new” site will then be made “live” in its intended hosting environment and will be view-able to the masses. If appropriate, we will also show how to manage the site going forward.